Posted by: gisspar | December 4, 2009

Cold, cold beer

Now that the temperature has dropped (i.e. freakin’ plummeted) from a nice sunny 60 to 25 and flurries in the space of a couple of days, I have to start seriously pondering another winter of freezing, shoveling and white-knuckled trips down the driveway. I am excited.

And for some reason, reminded of a semester of college when I got stuck living with a profoundly stupid person who insisted on setting the heat at 88° so that stupid person could wear shorts year round. Mind, this was in a place with winter and snow and ice (not North Dakota levels but still cold). I think this idiot liked to grow mold as a hobby. I really don’t because I like breathing, so I spent three months hiding in my room with the window open two inches. All winter. Even when it snowed. Just to get the temperature down to the low seventies like a normal person. The only plus side to this was that I could keep my beer cold and safe by putting it on the window sill instead of the fridge.

Ugh, stupid people.

Ugh, snow.



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