Posted by: gisspar | November 14, 2009

Poor little guy

Woke up today to find animal control parked outside my house. Turns out, the neighbor had called about a potentially ill raccoon in their yard that had decided to pop over to mine. The animal control officer had a look around, but didn’t find him so she took off on another call. About half an hour later, I thought that I’d at least go make sure it hadn’t wandered under the deck (there’s at least one rabbit living under there) and, bam!, the raccoon was just sitting there on the driveway. Poor guy, he did not look particularly perky. Especially after deciding to curl up out in the open, like this:


Not a happy camper

Anyway, the animal control officer came back and collected him after a very brief round of kicking. Probably had canine distemper. Sorry, little guy.




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