Posted by: gisspar | October 20, 2009

Damn you, Alastair Reynolds

It’s no secret that I enjoy the Iain M. Banks Culture novels. Certain folks, aware of this fact, recommended the Alastair Reynolds trilogy as the next great space opera fun. I’ll be honest, Revelation Space kind of annoyed me for a good chunk of the book. But I made it through the first fifty pages (generally my cutoff for crap). Then io9 had a post about the best eco-scifi books that included Century Rain. Since I always do what the internet tells me to do (just kidding mom), I read that next. First, it is not a tale of environmental disaster in any meaningful way. Yes, the Earth was destroyed but that is not a particularly unusual occurrence in a scifi book. So, boo, io9 – Century Rain is really more of a mystery love story in a space war kind of book. The environmental disaster is tangential to the plot (and no one was really trying to fix the problem).

Even though I didn’t really like Century Rain so much (hardboiled French PIs just don’t do anything for me) by the time that I had finished it, the end of Revelation Space was starting to bug me. It was unresolved. So now I have to see it through; all 1400 pages of the last two books of the trilogy. There are times when I curse my somewhat obsessive need to read everything an author wrote (unless the first one was crap, of course). There better be plenty of splodey space battles.



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