Posted by: gisspar | September 13, 2009

Fall planting

After a relatively neglectful summer (damn grackles), I finally got around to adding a couple of new bits to the garden. A new amsonia to keep the others company and to get that full on border look. Another ornamental grass to hide the air conditioner a bit. And a roundheaded bushclover to replace some hostas that disappeared into the ether. Also to provide a bit of height and interesting seed heads, etc. It’s a weird prairie-hosta blend, I’ll admit, but as long as stuff is happy and growing, I’m good with it.

Just for kicks, I also planted the mints around the yard. I’ve got an apple mint (it’s hairy!), an orange mint, a ginger mint and a couple of spearmints. It’s even alright if they get a bit out of hand—at that point, it will be doing better than the grass so awesome.

Finally, I dumped the tail ends of all of my spinach seed packs in a deck planter. Sprouted in 6 days despite the squirrels going to town. It should be pretty happy since it’s been one of the coldest summers and remains a pretty cool September. On the plus side, the cool year has made my cedar redwood very happy. It’s put on about three inches in the last two weeks.



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