Posted by: gisspar | September 7, 2009

DIY Screenprinting table, Part 2

So I haven’t been too happy with the finish on the table top (see here). It became pretty clear that is wasn’t going to last too long as a smooth, screenprinting surface. And since it’s a holiday weekend, a trip to a local big box home improvement store was inevitable. Rather than rebuilding the thing, I just wandered around looking for a surface that could be either glued on or screwed on, very smooth and flat, and waterproof and cleanable. No problem. It came down to two choices—a sheet of white laminate or a large piece of acrylic. As with all DIY purchases, I am limited by the size of my car, a Honda. A 4×8 sheet of anything is not very easy to fit in a Honda.

After some aimless wandering debating the two surfaces, I picked the acrylic. The laminate might have been a better choice, but it was either super expensive ($50 a sheet for already chipped white laminate!) and it was not likely that I could get it cut in the store. I left with the acrylic.

The revised table

The revised table

The acrylic also means that if I need a new surface, it will be easy to replace. It’s just taped on in the grand tradition of duct-taping a glass pane down on the prep surfaces for the oil-based printmaking. (I’ve been fighting the urge to crack open one of my blockprinting ink pots for a quick sniff. Just for old time’s sake.) We’ll find out how well this works tomorrow.



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