Posted by: gisspar | August 13, 2009

Damn grackles

I finally got the patio finished—a nice fake stone flagstone and pebble affair with a couple of small planting areas. Sort of a big L with a large bed filling in the white space to make one big rectangle. It’s also nice and shady in the afternoon thanks to a mature ash tree. It took forever since I don’t own a wheel barrow or a spouse so I had to carry every 40lb paver, every bucket of heavy clay, every bag of paving sand and pebbles anywhere they had to go. I was really looking forward to getting out the deck chair, grabbing a cold beverage and watching the fireflies. Hasn’t turned out that way.

A flock of grackles, anywhere from 20-50 of the things, have decided that my two ash trees are the perfect night spot. Every evening around eight, the birds show up, shouting and shrieking and generally carrying on. And every morning there’s feathers and bird crap everywhere. It is clearly violent up there—you can hear them flapping at each other and I did find a leg and part of a tail. So now the patio sucks. Powerfully. And I don’t think there’s any way to get rid if the things. I hope they leave soon. But only after they clean the gutters a bit. That is handy.



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