Posted by: gisspar | July 29, 2009

The race to the bottom

tends to obliterate the tails. As in the long tail of the distribution. As in the interesting but not widespread cultural events and sports that makes a region or a neighborhood what it is. I am not really a big sports fan. I view having a working knowledge of college football sort of a job requirement in that for 5-6 months out of the year that’s really the only subject of conversation in or near elevators or hallways (a little exaggeration perhaps, but not much). So I was a little bummed to read the NYTimes article about timber sports the other day. This year, the Hayward, Wisconsin, Lumberjack World Championships went without TV cameras. What’s the deal, ESPN? Can’t find one hour in a year to show a sport that’s not bet on in Vegas? Do we really need round the clock sports news? No. No, we don’t. I watched the timber sports programming because, honestly, some of that stuff is just nuts. But kinda fun to watch.

I remember when Fox Sports just started. It would show Australian Rules football, hurley, Gaelic football, all sorts of non-NCAA approved sports. I always watched those. But it didn’t last long; they replaced it with Fox Sports Regional so now we’re just bludgeoned with Big12 nonsense and asinine car races (except for rallying—they turn left and right). So the world got smaller again. And a little less interesting. I want to blame Walmart and American Idol. And Twilight.



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