Posted by: gisspar | July 22, 2009

Hey Twittiots

Yeah, you. There is more to the world than Michael Jackson (and I’m sorry but ick and double ick does not belong on a pedestal) and the latest round of rejects on reality TV. You are just making yourselves stupider. If you want news, go somewhere that has news, not unsubstantiated rumors repeated by auto-retweeters.

See, this is how you know that this technology isn’t a bastion of the geekery:

The social media invades; the teenagers invade and whatever might have been cool turns to roadkill. Something about it just annoys me greatly. First, there seems to be this idea that, unless you are famous, you should only provide information about one thing. I am not a business. I am not a brand. I am not one-dimensional. Why would you assume I was? For the tweeters that are one-dimensional, is it just because you’re simply posting links to your own blog?

Maybe I’m not following the right people, but for the things I am interested in, I haven’t found anyone that really updates enough to provide useful information. Or you just get partial conversations so it makes it difficult to know if it’s something to care about or not. Mostly though, it hurts that mum (like the royal ‘we’ and not my actual mum) is cooler than me. That’s cool, man. I’ll just tweet about my cat more. So there.



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