Posted by: gisspar | July 1, 2009

Rhodias are kinda floppy

But the trees on the cover are awesome. I finally wandered into an art store last weekend (harder than you think since the one local one that wasn’t a craft store closed last year). ANyway, went in with the best intentions, left with some heavy duty screen clamps, the no. 16 blank Rhodia and one of those retractable point Alvin drafting pencils. I love those. I have 2 of the older models that were much chunkier. I was a little less stoked to find out that even though I very carefully took one from the 0.5mm bin, the one I wound up with was 0.3mm. That is super tiny. And since the store is like an hour away, I’ll be ordering lead from Amazon. Still a nice pencil though.

So the current notebook tally:

1 small hardcover grid moleskine
1 small softcover blank moleskine
1 medium blank reporter style moleskine
1 little gridded quattro
1 medium blank rhodia

Sounds like a lot of moleskines but I’m actually more than halfway through the hardcovers. And I’m trying to decide if I’m going to stick with the moleskine or bonk over to the rhodia camp. The folded covers worry me in the long-term, chuck it in the bag kind of way.

Mostly, the return to the art store with its shelf of oil-based inks really had me jonesing for a little monoprinting or something. There’s just something about the sound of a brayer running through tacky ink on glass, the smell of the ink, the process of setting up the press with the blankets and the pressure—no computer can replace that. Or should. But I’m not prepared to deal with hazardous materials in a home studio, so for now I’ll stick with screenprinting. My goal for the long weekend—design and hopefully build a solid table top for the screen. And find that damn squeegee.



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