Posted by: gisspar | June 18, 2009

Far too terrifying for a Thursday

First, a triaconta-oreo cookie:oreoswhich is captioned with:

This could be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I want to make out with it. I want to introduce it to my family. I want to go on vacations with it and talk about the house we’ll one day buy. (12minds)

I would like one built out of the peanut butter oreos. And elope. I’m not sharing with my family.

And, the Oak Ridge Boys covering the White Stripes. It’s like a train wreck of puppies that gives you whiplash as you bounce between ‘awww, neato’ and ‘sweet mother of the spaghetti monster, why won’t it stop!’ For a long time, the only records we had at home were The Muppet Frog Prince (still totally awesome and I can still quote from it), a soundtrack of random noises (like traffic and construction sites) and the Oak Ridge Boys album with Elvira on it. I worried for a while that prolonged listening to the boys had damaged my musical tastes forever, but, good news!, the closest I get to country music is the Broken Family Band. REM saved me from a lifetime of treacly mush. Anyway, this cover is absolutely terrifying. Note that the guy on the right looks like the mental fellow (Eugene Levy) from A Mighty Wind:mightywind

Go watch it here (via ayse).



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