Posted by: gisspar | June 11, 2009

First harvest

So after three years of fighting the rabbits and the birds, I finally scored three ripe berries from my serviceberry. Hooray!


w00t! (not to size)

They taste a bit like a mild blueberry with that sort of generic fruit skin thing going on. Everything says to make jam out of them, but if I beat the birds to every possible berry on my shrub, I’d have maybe 20 (minus these three that I ate). So, I’ll just do like we did when I was shorter in the blueberry and raspberry patches—pick ’em and eat ’em.

I was also pretty stoked to see the first pea pod forming on my deck:

The first and only pea pod

The first and only pea pod

I counted 12 flowers so far, so maybe not so many peas either. But they are kinda cool to watch grow.



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