Posted by: gisspar | June 3, 2009

Kindergarten rules


via i can read

via i can read

It really isn’t. But fun with scrabble usually is (until hasbro sues you). Anyway, during my formative years, people used to say “Everybody’s different, everybody’s fine” as if that somehow changed anything about the world. I think I prefer the sentiment above. At least it’s soul-crushing honesty as opposed to just soul-crushing.

Sorry, I’m a little bummed—the heel straps on my chacos are on their last legs so I’ll have to send them off for repairs. But it’s summer and that’s what chacos live for. No one to blame but myself; months of freezing weather went by with the sandals happily stored in my cubic foot of footwear (it almost all fits, too, if you don’t count the honking big winter boots). I’ll just have to keep telling myself that they’ll come back good as new. And console myself with the thought that the chaco tan on my feet will outlast our separation.



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