Posted by: gisspar | June 1, 2009

w00t! Hulu has Green Wing!

I love Green Wing. If I had to rank the British comedies, bearing in mind that they’re not particularly available in my neck of the woods, it would be something like this:

  1. Green Wing
  2. Spaced
  3. Black Books
  4. Big Train
  5. Hyperdrive
  6. Feel the Force/Hardware
  7. That Mitchell and Webb Look (sorry, Peep Show)
  8. Man Stroke Woman
  9. The Thin Blue Line
  10. Absolutely Fabulous/Clatterford/My Hero/The Mighty Boosh/Look Around You

But Spaced is a very close second. And Monty Python is in a whole other realm. So I am very stoked to see Hulu streaming Green Wing (at least Season 1). Hopefully they’ll add season 2 since the only episode I haven’t managed to see is of course the finale. Any scene with Sue White is beyond absurd and the one bit with the office staff taking the Hogwarts test is excellent as well. Even though I don’t believe in Harry Potter.



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