Posted by: gisspar | May 31, 2009

Progress of the peas


Sugar peas on the deck

Sugar peas on the deck

So the spinach is basically spider-infested toast (well just the one, but it was huge). It was good while it lasted and I still have about a sandwich’s worth left in the fridge. Next up — sugar peas. For the most part, they are going pretty well, except for that one pot in the front. I don’t know what the deal is with that one. Not enough sun, not enough water, too much water? I don’t know, but they sprouted later than the others and just haven’t quite figured out what the poles are for. So I moved it closer to the other three in a sort of peer pressure, good example sort of deal. Maybe they just need a little more encouragement. Maybe fertilizer? I just hope there will be some peas, but if not, they are fun to watch.



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