Posted by: gisspar | May 31, 2009

A couple of quick eco-thoughts

First: who buys a 10-15 foot tree from a local grocery store? They look to have tiny root balls and, if you’d ever looked at the pansies of geraniums or whatever else they sell, you’ll see a certain lack of green-thumbiness. This might be taking the whole buy local, buy organic thing a little far. Mostly because inside there’s not a lot of local or organic food, which is why I go to the grocery store. Is this something Walmart has started doing (I haven’t gone to the evilest big box in 7-8 years)? And if it is, I going to shout greenwashing and stupidity. While planting trees is a good thing, it is not the end-all be-all of the global warming solution. You have to keep in mind the local conditions and ecology of the potential planting location; you have to consider the understory and the benefits of other native shrubs and plants; and you have to consider the maintenance (like when a tree will consume far more water than more appropriate shrub plantings, for example). So Walmart getting everyone to plant trees is really not useful—people will think they’ve done something to help (and potentially that they’ve done enough) and it is a very naive response. This is all supposition (about the big W at least) on my part, but, still, who buys a tree from a grocery store?

Second, while at said grocery store, one of the baggers said that putting a soda bottle into one of my reusable bags (and I had a few too many for the day) was a waste of a bag. I’m confused. How could it be a waste to use one of the empty bags to bag something I’ve purchased? Is carrying my purchases out bag-free and carrying the empty bags with them any less of a waste of bag? I mean, I’m going to lug around both items, so why is my convenience somehow not important in the “Is this a waste of bag?” decision-tree situation? It’s a waste of bag not to use them. So, dorkus, if I in fact have brought the bags and there are purchases that could go in the bags, put the purchases in the bags.




(The middle line is key here.) It was all in all a very baffling shopping experience.



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