Posted by: gisspar | May 28, 2009

Are you more likely to survive a zombie attack if you’re pope?

Who knows. I know that I am kinda relieved after taking the Which Pope Are You? quiz over at the New Humanist. Turns out I’m an ‘almagamation of those pesky anti-popes Clement VII and Benedict XIII’. And they’re both rolling over in their granite boxes—girls can’t be popes! 

Although I don’t think I understand the “Pull your socks up!” part. Do popes even wear socks? Seems awfully cozy for the hairshirt crowd. Time sucks are fun. Especially when you can find out that you are avery liberal pesky anti-pope not very likely to survive a zombie attack with rustic-modern interior design tendencies. And falling more towards the middle of the handedness spectrum, but still a righty. 

I gotta go find some appropriate socks.



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