Posted by: gisspar | May 27, 2009

On the hunt

I’ve got to find a copy of this book: London Orbital (I. Sinclair). It’s about a road trip around London’s ring road, the M25. london_orbitalIt’s not yellow, but it does satisfy the people going round places (I’m assuming he’s got things with him) category (see here).

This is not found in the book, but it does show the sizes of ring roads in large cities around the world. Could have been some fun with GIS; it’s hard to tell here if someone used a nice transportation dataset or just drew the outlines. You could even modify it a little bit to make it physics-worthy (visible light spectrum fun.

via Strange Maps

via Strange Maps

Anyway, what we’ve learned—you can find interesting reads from random blogs. Yay, interwebs!



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