Posted by: gisspar | May 24, 2009

Wallander Gap Week

It is a little annoying to have only three Wallanders to watch and, because of the holiday, we have to wait to see the last one. Would it have hurt anyone to schedule them so they ran together? I doubt it. So to avoid too much of a Wallander withdrawal, I’ll give you some feedback about the series so far.

I’ve heard from a few people that they thought it was boring. But one of those people also read just one book and thought it was boring. And kind of gruesome. So I’m not really going to weigh their reviews that highly. Part of the problem is probably the long moody moments I mentioned previously. Clearly the naysayers do not recognize the dreaminess of Kenneth Branagh when pondering evil in the Swedish countryside. I think that, for casual viewers, there was not enough introduction to the main characters. But I’m not sure that it’s really any different than some of the Prime Suspect series and certainly has more action than the Inspector Morse series. There does seem to be a certain expectation of dark, moody, self-destructive detective in the Swedish, British and Scottish mystery novels (and others, but let’s focus on what PBS shows). And if you want to talk about dark, go with the Indridason, Eriksson or Nesser novels. Or read a local newspaper.

wallander_wordleRelative importance of Wallander in my tweets. Note that the placement of stupid and wallander are not related. 

Anyway, good news—they’ve started a Series 2 and it won a BAFTA. Sweet.



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