Posted by: gisspar | May 13, 2009

Tell me, Galaxie 500

There must be something in the air today — I switched playlists to my favorite Galaxie 500 songs for a long while (Decomposing Trees, I love you). Then, during the random surfing this evening, I come across two other blog posts about them. The first had this:

galaxie500I would ditch my Honda in a heartbeat, put some serious boomy speakers in the trunk and absolutely blast Cheese & Onions while cruising the hood.

Of course, it could all be due to Dean Wareham’s new book Black Postcards. Largehearted Boy has an interview of sorts over here. But I didn’t know about the book, so I’m sticking with a general Galaxie 500 vibe in the universe today. And why not? My path to a vague indie hipster state began with Galaxie 500 and the Magnetic Fields. I waver on grey dreary days between feeling that Galaxie 500 is the perfect soundtrack and feeling that the Magnetic Fields, with their range of love songs, is all I need to lift my spirits. It generally ends with me watching NewsRadio dvds and a book, but at least the music-listening impulse is there. 

I walked upstream
And I sat in the mud
Life sucks again
Watching trees decompose

And they talk to me
And they smiled at me
–Galaxie 500, Decomposing Trees 

I always think of this song when it snows. And I suppose we should all be listening to Astronaut (even though it is Luna) this week, what with the shuttle launch and all.



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