Posted by: gisspar | May 10, 2009

Sweden smacks Masterpiece Mystery

Finally, the Swedish invasion hits Masterpiece Mystery. If you missed the tweet, I have never been so excited for anything on PBS. Wallander, the series. With Kenneth Branagh. He’s dreamy; Mankell is dark. Squish them together and you get plenty of moody silent pondering by Branagh (again, dreamy), plenty of Swedish cars and coastlines, and a police station that I would like to work in. That geometric blue, tan, green wall was sweet. 

Which is not to say that it wasn’t without its flaws. I’d always thought of Wallander as paunchier (glad he’s not) and in a crappier car (suspected product placement deal?). Maybe I missed something, but I’m unclear on who all of the police folks were. And I’ve read the book, a while ago admittedly, but still. No, think positive thoughts — the next installment is Firewall which just happens to be the first Mankell I picked up. Read every Wallander mystery after that except for the Fifth Woman. So I’m still excited for next week, warts and all. Hackers, Swedish murder mysteries and Branagh. (Pause for the geekgasm here.)

PBS, can we please put away the Mrs. Marple redux? I’ll get by with the three Wallanders (sounds like a trapeze act or something), but man that’s a long wait to the new Inspector Lewis episodes. Then we could move on to the other Scandanavian mysteries, make movies for the Culture series (I.M. Banks) and a Pixar flick out of Three Bags Full. And cancel the heck out of Ghost Whisperer.



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