Posted by: gisspar | May 5, 2009

What to read, what to read

I wandered aimlessly through the local B&N this weekend, not really looking to buy anything. I just had a headache that was keeping me from the yard work, so why not. I started out the way I always do — go to scifi and check for Iain M. Banks, David Brin, Modesitt, Pratchett, random non-hyper-moronically stupid vampire pukage (harder and harder to avoid) and then bonk out to mysteries. I am absolutely a creature of habit (I have been accused in the past of having OCD tendencies but show me a printmaker who doesn’t) so normally I don’t even think about checking for some of my current favorite authors. But this time, since I was already out of sorts, I stood there thinking “This guy hasn’t written any new novelly scifi in years. Why do I keep checking?” 

But then I was wandering the mystery aisle and I got to Three Bags Full (Swann). I really enjoyed that one — it was a fun premise and just well done. I know as well that she hasn’t published a second book, but I check anyway. There’s this sense of hope that there’s something more that’s just as good or better (no pressure, yeah?). It’s very quickly followed by a sense of dread; I mean, what if, all of the sudden, another book appeared and she turned a great mystery into one of those cliched pick-a-snobby-hobby mystery factories? I think my disappointment would be greater if that happened than it would ever be if I never found another book by one of my favorites. I’ll just have to settle for some equilibrium between hope and disappointment.

Or find a better used bookstore.



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