Posted by: gisspar | May 4, 2009

It’s evillogical

There’s no difference between porters and stouts? Nurts, that means I like even fewer types of beer. Not a fan of bitters (no IPA or Pilsners); definitely not a fan of pee-colored fizzy water. The darker ales, oatmeal stout, red ales–those are alright with a meal. I am a little curious about why anyone would want to combine milk (or anything like it) with beer:

You can’t even draw a couple of meaningful Venn diagram circles and label one stout and the other porter: in terms of strength, ingredients, flavour and appearance, modern-day stouts and porters, I suggest, with the exception of “milk stouts”, occupy effectively identical spaces.

Not curious enough to try it, though. I can, however, understand the desire to combine Venn diagrams with beer.



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