Posted by: gisspar | April 27, 2009

Back to it!

Back to rowing. I’ve missed it, even if I can only erg with my Concept2. I only managed 15 minutes/3000 m (interrupted to troubleshoot a glitchy webcam for the parental units), but the goal for the week is 30 minutes a night. At some point, I’ll go looking for a local group and try to get back on the water again. Last I checked, there wasn’t one near me. Or at least one with internet skills. But first, quality time with the C2.

Go, Team Stanford from a very long time ago.

There’s just something about sitting right on the water, synced up with three other people and just focusing on the tempo and the effort. Then you add in the physics (gotta love those ripples) and, bam, the perfect nerd sport. 

I’ve mentioned the hockey fandom earlier, but that is not a sport I’ve ever actually played. We can add hurling, gaelic football, biathlon, and rally racing to the list of sports I like to watch but have never participated in. I’ll also watch rugby which I have played for a bit. All of which was much easier to watch when Fox Sports World was readily available. Put Seb Loeb in a shell with Liev Schreiber’s narrating a la Secrets of the Dead and I’d watch rowing every hour of every day. Le sigh. Best it’s not — watching isn’t doing.



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