Posted by: gisspar | April 26, 2009

Culture shock

So I was watching parts of the Graham Norton Show last night. I saw the beginning which said Sinead O’Connor would be on. Not the biggest fan, but I was curious to see how she would deal with his antics. So about 5-10 minutes later, I went back and thought “Wow, she’s got a lot of hair now. And really looks a lot like Gillian Anderson. How odd.” I bounced back and forth for a while, not realizing for another 40 minutes that it was in fact Gillian Anderson sitting there and not Sinead O’Connor. Order in the universe was restored when O’Connor came out with not so much hair. I’ll admit to not being able to pick a Lohan or Jonas Brother out of a crowd and am very proud of that, but I was a little worried that I could be so out of touch with the X-Files and the music I grew up with. We’re all better now.



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