Posted by: gisspar | April 19, 2009

I miss hockey. Part 2.

I know, as a hockey fan, that this is the most exciting part of the year. The playoffs have started with plenty of games and drama. It’s not like I don’t care. It’s just that it’s not available on basic cable here. So go Vancouver! and when we’re down to the end, maybe they’ll show the whole series on NBC. And it won’t be sucky like Sharks vs. Columbus. Or Pittsburg/Rangers vs. anyone. Ugh. 

I could ease the pain with college hockey – I dvred the Bemidji State game so I wouldn’t miss the first period, but I haven’t watched it yet. Haven’t rewatched it yet. It just sits there, taking up space. I should just delete it. It’s not like I don’t know what happened since I watched the last two periods live. It’s more like as long as I don’t watch it, the dream is alive. Deleting it would be accepting the loss. 

That and there hasn’t been anything really worth dvring so I don’t need the space yet. But that’s so, I don’t know, pragmatic?



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