Posted by: gisspar | April 19, 2009

I haven’t even read it yet

but I already like The Man Who Went Up In Smoke (Sjowall & Wahloo). First of all, both authors have umlauts in their names for a grand total of three. It just makes for a kind of happy, goofy design for what should be a pretty dark mystery. 
manwhoewentupinsmokeI didn’t find the first one in the series, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll get at least The Laughing Policeman book unless this is just horrible. I haven’t been disappointed in any of the Swedish mysteries I’ve read so far. And to counteract the grittiness, I also picked up The End of Mr. Y (Thomas). Only partially because it’s bright orange (the whole complimentary color thing — it looks nice next to the green and black) and has a little mouse on the cover.



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