Posted by: gisspar | April 11, 2009

Last bit of hockey for a while

After Thursday night’s puck-tastrophe, I’m not going to pick a team to root for. No, I’m going to let atmospheric noise do it for me. So, here’s the deal – heads for Miami (OH) and tails for BU, 10 flips of a U.S. half dollar over at for the winner.

Well, hell’s bell’s, first round was 5:5. One more try – 2:8 in favor of BU. So. Go BU!

Maybe it will turn into on of those 6 OT games. And Melrose does rock a ‘stache (well a goatee)! It’s just very, very grey.

Science will prevail! From the atmospheric noise, you see. We’re going to OT.

Just how it should be in college hockey.

And – Yay! Science is vindicated. Or at least fun with math is vindicated. Atmospheric noise 1 – underdog 0.



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