Posted by: gisspar | April 9, 2009

Go Bemidji State!

I’m so far a little bummed (I missed the 1st quarter), but at least it’s good-ish hockey weather here. Not snowing, but we’re getting a bit of hail and it is definitely getting colder.

Just down by one – that’s like nothing in this tourney.

I was just about to say “Well, nurts. 2-0” but SCOOOORRE! Just like that 2-1. Sweet.

Well nurts. 3-1.

My disappointment is eased by Melrose’s sparkling commentary. It’s all good.

I’ll just say that it’s a little hard to score if you can’t get out of your zone. Or connect a pass.

So. Go Vermont? (No shame, Bemidji State. You gave us an interesting tournament.)



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