Posted by: gisspar | April 8, 2009

Camouflaged moleskine

I went to a seminar today about natural resources and recreation management. Mostly to spend some time looking at pretty pictures of national parks instead of bunches of code, but also because our IT guy decided that midmorning was absolutely the best time to boot me out of my system for some software installations (and, of course, it wasn’t finished by lunch so he left for an hour while I stared at the wall).  So anyway, it was kind of a goofy lecture — we heard a lot about bat tourism, why Florida sucks (and you know it’s true), the lecturer said ‘big ass’ a couple of times — all in all, a satisfying diversion. As always, I had my large moleskine with me. I read somewhere a long time ago about cross-pollination in the sciences — the idea that a scientist from one area can, when exploring a second field completely unrelated to their own, come up with some new discovery/theory because they were able to approach the problem in a novel way (when compared to the researchers already in the field). So I go to seminars that are not really related to my field, but are for topics that I find interesting on the off chance that something in the seminar or some aspect of the analysis sparks an idea for my own work. And I take my moleskine.

At some point, probably when the slides were just bullet points rather than pictures, I drifted off and found myself looking at the writing surface of the desk I was sitting at. It was one of those new ones they’re putting in at colleges, the kind with the drop down surface and plastic everywhere. These particular desks had textured, black plastic writing surfaces (probably to cut down on graffiti). I had closed my notebook at that point so it was sitting there, nice and black with that slight stippled texture, on a not as nice surface, black with the same slightly stippled texture! 

Moleskine texture

Moleskine texture (of the notebook, not the wicker)

After noticing the texture, I just had to write about it in my notebook. And then here. Mostly as a reminder to make sure I grab it before leaving that particular classroom. 

On a related note, I like how the Sharpie pens write in the notebooks, but they’re just really light. I expect a certain amount of weight in my writing utensil. It’s just a little off-putting really.



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