Posted by: gisspar | April 4, 2009

My head might explode

Here’s wicked awesome language fun* and Battlestar Galactica! Be still my heart. The phrase in question is “baked in stupidity sauce.” Which is, hands down, one of the best phrases ever, even without the BSG connection. Wordlustitude has the quote from a forum at Television Without Pity describing the decision to scrap technology and go native on Earth, which I will now repost:

“Maybe that’s splitting hairs. After all, the Colonists all deciding, ‘We must give up anything resembling technology!’ was just flat out baked in stupidity sauce. I thought it was pretty clear that their answer was a sad, grasping, and desperate as Tyrol killing Tory in the name of someone who he once ranted about pretty convincingly as being the option he took because he had no others. It felt to me like Lee deciding that “We suck too much, still. Even after all we’ve been through, I don’t think we’re capable of changing enough to not start killing each other.” Hence the sprinkling the population all over the globe.”
(March 21, 2009, “4-20: “Daybreak Part 2″ 2009.03.20,” Television Without Pity


Dipping in stupidity

Which is the stupidity sauce?


And then we have Futurama fun. Quite possibly the best eco-feminist rant:

We won’t let you mandoze the beautiful gynodesert.

from the last movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder. I’m all of like five minutes in and it’s the best Futurama ever. Calm down, everyone, and stop braining. Must. Keep. Learning. New Words. Errggh (head exploding). 

*We have more fun with stupidity over at Sparsile Commons.



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