Posted by: gisspar | April 4, 2009

How much like Capt. Kirk do you need to be?

A couple weeks ago, the New York Times ran a story about guys, and it was all guys, building replicas of Kirk’s chair for their homes. That doesn’t really surprise me, given the fanboyism that Star Trek inspires. The fact that the wives didn’t want the chairs in the living room is also no surprise – the chairs aren’t exactly high design. Or country cute. No, what I found interesting was that like 3 out of the 5 guys were unemployed and all of them came from blue collar backgrounds. To be fair, they could have been planning or building the replicas long before they lost their jobs and just happened to finish them during the unfortunate downtime. But I got the vibe that at least one guy started while unemployed. There’s nothing wrong with escapism and, as these things go, it’s certainly not as damaging as booze or drugs. I just found it interesting that these guys, coming from jobs where they probably weren’t in much control of their time and thrown into the uncertainty of the current economic world, chose to build a captain’s chair. And that sitting in it makes them feel in control. And uncomfortable – again not designed for living. 

I suspect the Times didn’t go for a representative sample of all guys with Kirk chairs; I mean, there have to be quite a few geeks out there with one. Or maybe not if they can’t transfer their Halo skills to carpentry. So we have dual tracks to serious fanboy-ness: über-geek and blue collar joe. Who would have guessed.

I will be seeing the new movie at some point because it has Simon Pegg in it. And because it is a new action movie NOT based on a comic book. Can’t someone come up with anything original (or at least interesting) anymore? Sometimes you just need a good splodey movie.

Now I have to post this and I will do so by pointing at the screen and saying “Engage”, being more of a TNG person myself.



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