Posted by: gisspar | March 28, 2009

It’s more spring!

My elderberry didn’t die! Soon, soon the little elves will invade my yard (I am doing the scheming fingers bit right now). Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be big enough to sit under at Midsummer’s, so I probably won’t be able to see the Fairy King. 

I planted a serviceberry 2 years ago in part to see if I could get edible berries. I’ve had some luck seeing the unripe berries and no luck actually picking the berries before the birds get them. I’m alright with that – the previous owners had grass and, well, grass. I’ve slowly been introducing more flowering and fruiting plants around the place to make it a little friendlier to the wildlife. I had a very industrious bumble bee in the catmints and a few juvenile praying mantii (mantises?) hanging out in the dill. And even if I never get to try the berries, at least the flowers are pretty. 


 First year of the elderberry. (I am not so fond of the rabbits.)

And the serviceberry flowering last year. I though for a long time it was struggling until I caught a rabbit with 8 inches of stem sticking out of its mouth. So annoying.



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