Posted by: gisspar | March 28, 2009

I miss hockey

I like hockey. I don’t know why – I didn’t grow up anywhere remotely near a hockey playing state or a state that really got snow in the winter. But, now that I’m in a state that gets snow, I can’t watch NHL hockey because of the ESPN/Versus strike disaster. Way to think that moving to a network that doesn’t have good national coverage will improve your national ratings, NHL. And really, showing one stupid Rangers or Penguins game a week on TimeWarner just makes me not ever want to watch NHL again. Do I live near either of those places? No. Would it make more sense to show Avs or the Wild or even Dallas in my part of the country? Of course. Would it make more sense to show better teams? Abso-freakin-lutely. 

But for the next few weeks, it doesn’t matter because we’re heading into the Frozen Four. This time of year, it doesn’t matter who’s playing, I will watch every game available with my cable package. My favorites will change each game and potentially each period. There’s no rhyme or reason to it; I just like watching it. 

And, it’s even better now that we don’t have the NHL on ESPN. Since they have to fill that time with something, they’ve started showing the regional tournaments. So more hockey! Hooray!

(And once hockey’s over, there’s a bit of a wait for the college lacrosse championship, but it’s worth it.)

A little live-blogging: This is one of the reasons to like college hockey – UNH ties the game against NDak with 0.1 seconds left. Are you kidding me?



  1. ESPN needs to get their act together or bring back Barry Melrose permanently with a raise to spring fans back to the Zone.


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