Posted by: gisspar | March 14, 2009

Groceries in the Midwest

When I interviewed for my current job, my future coworkers set about explaining why Random Midwestern Town (RMT) was such a nice place to live and why I should relocate from the reasonably large urban area I was in. One of the those reasons was that the RMT was the most cosmopolitan place in the state, even when compared to the largest RMT in the same state. And, because the job was at a Random Midwestern University (RMU), the RMT was so much more cosmopolitan than any of the other university towns in the region/athletic conference. It’s the midwest, everything is based on your athletic conference. (Side note: I grew up in the SEC so don’t feed me any garbage about how your Uni has the most hardcore fans.)

So, I’m in a very cosmopolitan place, right? Where people really care about other people, about buying and eating local, about quality produce (because it is an Ag state so they absolutely know how to grow anything). 

Um, no. I’m in a place where the produce goes on sale when it is moldy and you’re lucky if you can find anything other than lettuce. In the stores in the pricier neighborhoods. The cashiers don’t know what yellow squash or zucchini is. And where, at the farmer’s market, size is more important than quality, texture or taste because the only time you should grow anything other than corn/soybeans if for 4H. After a visit to the local farmer’s market with someone from out of state, the only comment was “That was the stuff we left for the birds”. Ouch, Ag state, ouch.

* I planted some spinach this morning, so at least I’ll have that for a few months.



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