Posted by: gisspar | March 11, 2009

The Smiths and serendipity

Technically, the post should be titled “The Smiths and High Fidelity” or “The Smiths and coincidence” but blogging is not so much about being technically correct. I have, over the last few weeks, been rocking out to the Smiths and a few select other tracks (see previous post). I have wondered several times, ala High Fidelity, whether I am depressed because I’m listening to pop music or listening to pop music because I’m depressed (in a purely ‘work is not very motivating right now kind of way’). Apparently I was not the only one feeling that way in the office, because a colleague came in a few days ago saying something along the lines of being a little burned out, so maybe we should all be listening to the Smiths. Which I was in fact doing. And which also brings us back to the chicken or egg situation. I think I just like “Ask”, “Born to Hang”, and “Hand in Glove”. And to test the theory, I’ve switched to REM for a while. They’re my preferred head clearing group.

Although, I really think think it’s more SAD related since most of the last few weeks have been pretty dreary and grey. I don’t think anyone is very happy when it goes from 70 to 20 with freezing rain/snow basically overnight. Suck.



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