Posted by: gisspar | March 4, 2009

Back to Rankin

I remarked on this earlier, how I wasn’t sure what I liked about Rankin. After 2 rounds with him (Fleshmarket Alley and A Question of Blood), I’ve narrowed it down to three things.

  1. The two main characters talk about music that I have heard of and have listened to. We’ve moved past the archtypical British/European detective with a thing for classical music and lots of booze. Into a detective with a thing for rock/pop and lots of booze. 
  2. The female sidekick is not so much a sidekick. 
  3. I’m kind of digging the sectioning by day. It’s just a nice reminder of where you are in the book, especially after a few of scenes where Rebus winds up in a flat with some booze and some music. 

If I get another, maybe I’ll try reading it while listening to Mogwai and playing the John Hannah series. With some tartan somewhere. And on a really rainy day.



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