Posted by: gisspar | March 3, 2009

Semi-green thumb

This past fall I thought I would try taking cuttings of some of my container plants. Different types of lavender, some mint, and just for kicks, lemon balm. Ideally, I would have just transplanted them into my fancy new raised bed, but every time I planned on actually building the bed, it rained. So I got a window box insert to maximize the window space and some rooting hormone. I think I took around 12-15 cuttings, all but three of those one of the lavenders. 

The first few weeks, everything seemed fine. And then one of the lavenders wilted. I thought, well it’s one in the back, maybe it just wasn’t getting enough sun. The next one got pulled up by the cat (she seems to dislike aloes as well). Then, after about four weeks, all of the lavenders started to wilt. So now, after a long and pretty cold winter, I’m left with a very happy lemon balm and two very happy mints. I’m going to consider that a success for my first time taking cuttings.

Now if only the snow would melt long enough for me to get the spinach planted…



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