Posted by: gisspar | March 1, 2009

In with a bang

or with a whimper, your choice. We’ll start with what I’m reading right now: Ian Rankin’s A Question of Blood. I haven’t quite put my finger on why I like the Rankins yet, but there’s still like twenty of them left to read. Part of the allure is probably the cheaper newsprint of the mass market paperback, the kind where the ink rubs off on the edge of your thumb. Good times.

Of course, I’m reading this while watching New Street Law. You may not know that both New Street Law and one of the Rebus series star John Hannah. Pure coincidence based on the uncertainty you get with Netflix when the DVDs at the top of the queue have any sort of wait. At this point, I prefer the Rankin, but the DVD does have the blond from Murder in Suburbia, so that’s a bit of a boost. 

Sounds like we’ll have to go into why so many British/UK mysteries at some point, but it’s not all about the accent. Anyway, I suspect I’ll come very close to the 52 books a year meme seen around the interwebs. We’ll see.



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